Wigi’s Kitchen – St. Julians

A couple of years had passed since I had been to Wigi’s.    Being a not too keen fan of the St. Julians area for dining,  I decided to visit the restaurant on an autumn Tuesday night.   A friend of mine, had just been for lunch the previous Saturday and on her recommendation I opted to go there. As soon as I walked in I noticed that little has been changed with regards to decor, except for the different purple colour on the walls.

My friend kept on mentioning the fantastic food she ate there.  For starters she and her group of friends had deep fried Gozo cheese, calamari, beef carpaccio and for main she had the baby veal.    So going there I had an idea of what my choice for dinner would be.    When presented with the menu I noticed the recomended items where not mentioned, so I asked the restaurant owner who was assisting us for any other dishes that were not on the menu.    He did mention items that were not on the menu and also consulted the chef for what alternatives he suggests for the starters.   I was impressed by the flexibility, finally someone who is there to please you!  So here is what my friend and I had for dinner:   Starters consisted of deep fried calamari and pulpetti tal-makku – a generous serving !   Lamb and duck cooked to perfection followed for main, served with a generous portion of potatoes and fried marrows.   And the bread was fresh too ! The restaurant’s wine list is not so vast for selection, though includes Maltese, Italian, French and New World wines but none of the commercial wines were on this list.

At around 11pm we seemed to be the last remaining table in the restaurant, the music was turned off and the CLOSED sign was visible to all those keen joggers walking on the St. Julians front.    We were never asked if we wanted dessert, where they in a hurry to leave?   Never mind we did not want anyway.    After enjoying our espressos and limocellos we asked for the bill.   Where we overcharged ? Bill came up to EUR 95 for two.    Slightly pricey but to be fair the 1.5 bottles of Chablis we downed in the course of the evening have put up the price.

Wigi’s Kitchen, Triq il-Kbira St Julians
Telephone: 21377504

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  • Deborah says:

    l simply love going to ‘Wigis Kitchen’ l always go out of there very satisfied .

    Love the starters which are usually very generous in portions…..last time l was there I had the following as starters to share with my friends :

    Mussels with ginger & black pepper.
    Carpaccio of beef with sesame oil, rucola and aged balsamic.
    Calamari fritti

    Pity l havent yet tasted the fried Gozo Cheese with walnuts and honey … but l will surely do …

    As a main,  l opt for the T-Bone of veal which is seasoned and cooked to perfection. This has become my favourite choice of main course at Wigi’s.

    The salads served with the main course are so different  from other restaurants …oranges, peaches and pistachios are usually part  of the salads which are  so alluring to my taste buds besides the combination itself.

    I tend to value simple cooking with good quality ingredients, l am not so keen over elaborated food. Some chefs mistake novelty for innovation, mixing in bizarre combinations of flavours. Not for me, I’m afraid. That is why I like to go to the sort of restaurant where the chef is passionate about food and can be trusted.

    Service at ‘Wigis’ is good, meaning that good quality of service can be a determining factor when it comes to deciding whether or not to return. Think that lt is important for the waiters to read the guests from the moment they sit down. Knowing and anticipating what they want based on what they are communicating to you.
    Decent restaurants should be cherished and valued, and we should reward them with our custom.


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