The Chophouse Tigné Sliema

Date of Last Visit: Thursday 19.05.2011

The Location: at one of the most breathtaking views in Malta

No of Victims: 6

The Damage: EUR 186

The atmosphere: If there is anything I would go back for at this restaurant,…it is definitely the calm and tranquil surroundings topped up with the spectacular views of Valletta.

The Service: The service was overall good, considering that the restaurant was busy. Bread was never given to us so we had to ask for it.  Other than that there was a malfunction of the kitchen extractor, but incidents that happen. Luckily it was a calm evening and all customers were seated outside.

The Menu:

The list of starters is infinite.  We opted to pass on these and went straight to the mains.

Mains offer a selection of various beef cuts as well as chicken, lamb, chicken, rabbit, veal, spatchcock and pork.    There is also a selection of sauces to choose from as well as sides to accompany the main dishes.  These are charged separately.  We all opted for Rib-eye on the bone with mashed potatoes and/or fries. We did not have any desserts and coffees but shared a bottle of wine and liquors.

The Verdict: highly recommended!!


Tigné Point, Sliema, Malta

Tel: 00356 2060 3355


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