Sunny Bar and Restaurant Mgarr

Date of last visit:  24.02.2012

The Location:  in Mgarr main square.  It is the bar and restaurant located in the corner.

No of Victims: 2

The Damage: EUR 25

The atmosphere:  typical setting for a fenkata

The Service:  The place is family run so the service tends to be good.   Although on this particular occasion, we had to catch the waiters’ attention for anything we needed (drinks, bread etc).

The Menu: It’s a tradition that every time I go to Sunny’s it is always for a fenkata – i.e.  I always opt for rabbit and occasionally the spaghetti with rabbit sauce (if I am very hungry).   For this particular reason, I never ask for the menu, but if i remember correctly, they do offer other traditional Maltese food such as bebbux (snails), other meats and pasta dishes.   Wine is well priced.  I always pay a visit to their refrigerator (white) or wine rack (red) to pick up my  choice of wine.

Our Food:  We shared one portion of spaghetti with rabbit sauce.  The spaghetti and red sauce are served separately, so one can mix accordingly.  Taste is good but we could hardly spot any rabbit meat in the sauce.   We then of course had rabbit…fried in garlic and served with plenty of homemade chips and bread…and sparkling water.


Verdict:  In my opinion this is the best place for a fenkata. I love the way the rabbit is cooked here – not too oily and with the right amount of garlic.  The bread is always super fresh and the chips are made out of real Maltese potatoes which nowadays has become hard to find.  Needless to say, for me if it is a fenkata it’s at Sunny…and you?

Contact details:

Address: St Harry Luke Street, Mgarr, Malta

Telephone: +356 21573705


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