Riviera Della Marina – Vittoriosa Waterfront

The beautiful Vittoriosa Waterfront, needed a restaurant of such caliber and style…and excellent food !!   I have been a couple of times in summer, in this superb location in the south of Malta.

The restaurant formerly a Chinese restaurant, is the second one on your right, next door to Two and a Half Lemons.  There are plenty of tables set outside, for one to enjoy the Valletta harbour and the luxury yachts that berth here.   A smaller room situated near the bar accommodates a good number of guests (approx. 40).  There is a large courtyard on the inside of the restaurant, which in my opinion should be better utilised, perhaps to accommodate more seating.

I have tasted a variety of appetizing dishes such as soup, seafood, meat and fish, all bearing a distinguished Mediterranean touch.   The restaurant’s speciality is the ‘pesce al sale’, fish cooked in coarse sea salt.  Accompanying the main courses are the grilled vegetables (aubergines and green peppers) along with delicious potatoes.  The restaurant  also offers the choice to have a mixture of two or three different dishes of pasta to share.

The choice of wine is vast, and the restaurant manager is always delighted to recommend the best choice to go with your meal.  Service is prompt and overall good.    A meal for two with starters, main course and foreign wine amounted to about EUR 60, which sounds decent to me !!

Well done guys …keep up the good work and the passion in preparing your tasty dishes!!

Reservations are highly recommended!

Ristorante Riviera della Marina, Vittoriosa Marina, Birgu
Telephones: 99997973 or 21807230


  • luke says:

    the food is absolutely amazing…

  • Erin says:

    The food is excellent, nice fish and interesting side orders. Dessert was also fantastic. Service incredible. Recommend highly.

  • italieni says:

    Se dovete mangiare il pesce non è un ristorante adatto in quanto dopo essere stati agganciati napoletanamente dal gestore con vanti e presunzione di cucina sopraffina, unica al mondo, abbiamo lasciato nel piatto una spigola o branzino acidulo di una settimana che manco i gatti se lo sarebbero mangiato.

    • Roberto says:

      Buongiorno a tutti, Mi sento in obbligo di rispondere al suo commento, visto che dopo aver magiato al ristorante La Vela ne sono uscito molto soddisfatto!! Vivendo in un luogo di mare mangio pesce spesso e lo conosco bene. Non solo il pesce che ho mangiato al LA VELA era freschissimo, ma era cucinato divinamete.

      Viaggio 250 giorni l’anno e di conseguenza mangio sempre fuori, e credo di poter includere La Vela nella lista dei miei ristoranti preferiti.

      LA VELA sarà sicuramente il mio punto di riferimento ogni qualvolta visiterò Malta.

      Il servizio inpeccabile e il personale molto preparato sia sulla cucina Italiana che sui vini locali e non.

      Sotto consiglio della proprietaria ho bevuto il mio primo vino Maltese che ho trovato molto buono,ha sposato molto bene il mio antipasto di frittatine di Bianchetti e frittura di calamari.

      Non riesco a credere che Lei sia stato nello stesso ristorante, anche perche le persone che ho incontrato sono tutte di origine Maltese ad eccezione dello Chef una simpaticissima donna Siciliana.

  • Deborah. says:

    I have been to ‘Del Borgo’ wine bar , the place is lovely however not cozy at all . It is an old place so its quite humid , however in 2012 tought we were lucky to have heaters and Ac which can Improve and make a big difference ! To my disappointment none of the mentioned items seems to existing or working at
    ‘Del Borgo’

    I asked the waiter to switch on the ac at least to warm up a bit the room , to my surprise he answered back saying: I am ok in short sleeves will check if there is a window open might be a draft .. hellowwwww ???!! think I know the difference between a draft and humid cold place !

    Asked another waiter who was really helpful unfortunately he could’nt do much and came up with a different statement saying as we ran out of gas , ect ect … I wasn’t the only one complaining infact there was someone else who was feeling cold too !

    Bottom line is .. save electricity , save gas WTF ?!!!!

    Re Menu food : In my opinion selection is quite poor and quite overpriced for the small portions given !

    The menu consist of the usual boring salads, salmon , chicken , cheese ,parma ham , please note served as a portion of starter but pricewise as a main cost roughly around 10€ !

    Dips for a selection of 3 mini containers served with bread and vegetables cost around 9€ !

    The only thing which was reasonable to me and obviously I took was the closed local ‘Ftira’ not big in size but very filing since its with ricotta, pork ect … it ‘s the only thing worth it on the menu.


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