Parapett Restaurant, St Julians

I was hesitant, when my university group of friends opted for the Parapett Restaurant, for an evening before immersing our body and soul in preparing for exams.   I had been to Parapett way back when it was still in rustic ambient.   I arrived first so I waited outside and gave a good glance at the menu.  Quite a good selection and a variety of starters, main courses, pizzas and pasta.  Then came the dilemma…what am I going to eat?!

We all gathered inside the modernly revamped restaurant, which lies on the outskirts of Paceville’s madness.  We were greeted by one of the staff in the restaurant, and were assisted by him throughout our evening.   Excellent service for the young chap who given by his age, must have just finished ITS.   We chose the wine, and nibbled on some dips as starters.   For main some had chicken, some had meat, I opted for the salmon, which I ate till the last pink bit on my plate.

Food presentation deserves a 10 on 10, well garnished as if you are eating at a top notch place and to complement this of course the taste.   The main courses were accompanied by a good amount of potatoes and vegetables (not the boring frozen ones).    We all seemed content with our taste buds fully satisfied.    Some had desserts whilst, others skipped and opted for avernas.   All is well that ends well…..we paid about EUR 25 each, including a pre-dinner drink.

Ambient: *****
Service: *****
Food Selection: *****
Wine Selection: ***
Value for Money: *****

Parapett restaurant, 125, St.George’s Road, Saint Julian’s
Telephone: 213 53394


  • Josmar Borg says:

    Me and my girlfriend were deciding where to go for late dining and I just remembered an advert that I saw somewhere of ‘Parapett Restaurant’. As we were quite close to the restaurant we chose to give it a try!!

    Nothing fancy, simple, modern, yet peaceful environment that is what I needed to get away from PV insanity. My girlfriend took a Capri Pizza (she is quite sceptic to try something different when we try a new restaurant), and I opted for a delicious Chicken Bosacaiollo with hot veg. and portion of salad instead jacked potato or chips.

    The table was very well prepared and the food was well presented (as we see in pictures). The portions were abundant but not to the extreme …just perfect, especially for those who goes for a 3 main course! It was evident that food is prepared there and then, not micro-waved, from the taste and crispiness of the food and the aroma of the sauces where you can taste the blend of all ingredients used! The service was of average timing, and in the meantime it was possible for me to have a decent chat with me girly in a pleasant setting.

    Prices are moderate, just like many other restaurants. However, it is worth the value for the money paid. Surely, this would not be the only occasion for me to dine there as I would definitely return back for a different try! Parapett is surely one of those restaurant worth trying!!

  • Bernice says:

    I went once at the begining of the year with my university mates and I was really satisfied with the service and food. I love the ambience and prices are reasonable. Food was delicious! I totally recommend this place.

  • marion says:

    I have tried various dishes from this restaurant and all of them were very good. I tried pizza,steak with truffle sauce,chicken salad, baguettes and the amazing risotto ai funghi porcini truly delicious.

    The food is amazing, the setting is modern and the service is excellent also their pina colada is one of the best.

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