Mgarr Farmers Cooperative Society-Bar & Restaurant

This is definitely in my opinion, the best place in the area and on the island, to savour genuine home-made Maltese specialties.
The said place was talked about very highly by a friend of mine, who affirmed that at this place, he tasted the best rabbit ever!   However if one wants to sample their rabbit, an advance booking is necessary. They cook it in two ways, either in a stew or fried with garlic. I much prefer the latter option, though in both cases, the rabbit was very very tender and tasty, without that awful taste of overcooked oil.

The first time I have been, I stopped by to buy a drink and a roll, on my way to the beach. Whilst I waited for my roll to be prepared, I could not avoid the smell and appreciate what was passing in front of my eyes. When I was handed the roll, I was tempted to try and barter it with any of the dishes that caught my attention, as roast pork, stuffed marrows, roast potatoes, ricotta pie, baked pasta, baked rice…I was indeed drooling !!

You do get a bit intimidated when you walk in a room full of hungry farmers, especially round about noon when the restaurant is at its peak. I did experience this feeling, but not for long after the curious farmers’ glimpse caught my eyes and there we were few minutes after chatting away about anything…food, dogs, life!

The place is very clean, especially the kitchen, as yes I sneaked a look in. Atmosphere is very friendly and the food is fantastic and plates are very generous in portion, and always accompanied with the village’s crispy and crunchy bread.

Those who have been, will agree with me, of the uniqueness of the place, and to top it all food is sooooo cheap, even if foreign wine accompanies your meal.

I think the time has come to go again…soon !!

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