Ix-Xlukkajr, Marsaxlokk

Heading home from the beach on Sunday at around 7pm in the evening, and with hunger hitting us hard, we both agreed to have fish for dinner  tonight.    After contemplating and running through a list of fish restaurants on our way, we opted to hit the fishing village of Marsaxlokk and choose our pick whilst we are there.     Xlukkajr seemed to be the less busy and on the quieter side away from the echoing melody of numbers being called out in a bingo game right in the middle of the town.     We were welcomed in the restaurant by a lady who seemed to be quite an expert when we asked for the fish and seafood available.   We had some local fresh prawns as starter, and shared one big Pagell as a main.    Whilst the food is being prepared, the restaurant offers soup on the house, a superb tomato and basil soup.   The restaurant boasts of the three different flavoured bottles of olive oil, that you spot on each table.  A chillie one, one with nuts and our favourite with different herbs such as oregano, basil, mint.     We couldnt not resist dipping the crunchy Maltese bread in these oils.  A highlight I must say!

The prawns were really fresh, and accompanied by a risotto which we did not order, nevertheless tasted good too.    Then we had our gigantic pagell, which they served with some salad, warm vegetables and roasted potatoes.   Because we consumed so much bread and oil we never managed to finish offf our fish, but which cats across the road gladly accepted.

I never opt for dessert, I am more into savoury, though we could not resist some Jagermeister.   We paid about EUR 30 each, which was not on the cheap side however we were content and would certainly visit again.

1st visit

Ambient: ***
Service: *****
Food : ****
Wine Selection: ***
Value for Money: ***

And we did go again and recommended the restaurants to some other friends who gladly joined us for the evening.
It turned out to be was a fun evening, …and as it happens….and it does happen often in Malta….we were not as satisfied with the food the second time round!   The service was exceptionally good though.    We were yet again given soup on the house, this time round marrow soup, which I thought was more wintery.   I much preferred the tomato and basil soup they gave us last time.  We had some carpaccio of tuna, which we decided we would share between us four, well it was not enough for one.    The thing is the owner was very helpful and knew what we wanted, but it seemed there must have been a miscommunication with the kitchen staff?? Whatever it was, we indulged ourselves in the bread and oil, whilst we waited for the main course.    Three of us had a small cipullazza each whilst the fourth person had fillet steak, which he seemed to enjoy a lot.   We were complaining!   It was not heard of that you grill this delicate fish, and to add insult to injury, only one bowl of potatoes, one bowl of chips and one bowl of grilled vegetables was served to us  to share between for.    We asked for more, and possibly were charged for these.   None of us had dessert, though we all agreed to finish the evening by a liquor, yeah if you managed to attract the waiters’ attention.    We paid and left without, by the end of it.    We paid around EUR 30-35 each.

2nd visit
Ambient: ***
Service: ****
Food : ***
Wine Selection: ***
Value for Money: ***

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