I Monelli, Paceville

Date of Last Visit: Wednesday 17/02/2010 for dinner

No of Victims: writer and two guests

The Damage: EUR 66

The Entrance:  I must say that whoever designed this restaurant did a superb job.  From the

fried donuts

deep fried 'doughnuts'

moment you walk up the five/six stairs and enter through the automatic sliding door, you immense yourself in a truly food experience.

The atmosphere: It’s fresh and innovative …few restaurants in Malta manage to capture such environment.   The décor gives you the impression you are in one of London’s posh restaurants.  Though unmistakably one notices the Italian twist there is in the restaurant with the counter displaying antipasto grilled vegetables, the home-made sauces and the wine racks.   The tables are laid out quite close to each other but somehow there is enough room for movement and privacy.

The Service:  The service is prompt and efficient.   They make you feel that you are the best customer they have …it is genuine Italian treatment!

When I booked our table, the person answering the phone spoke in Italian, and so did all the waiters that assisted us, however some of them did speak English….but I doubt you’ll hear anyone of the staff talk in Maltese.

The Menu:  Menu consists of various Italian starters, different pizzas, pasta and meat.  A white board was displaying the tantalising specialities of the day.

The Wine List: Of course the selection focuses mainly on Italian wine.   We opted for the Corvo Glicine which was priced at EUR 16.

Our food: For starters we shared bruscetta…a mixture of chopped tomatoes, herbs and garlic served on toasted bread which somehow tasted authentically Italian.   For mains we had 3 different pizzas…you are spoilt for choice with the different and unusual toppings. We share the pizzas  — the siciliana with aubergines and ricotta salata,  the sfizziosa with parma, rocket and parmesan shavings and the one with sundried tomatoes and scamozza cheese.  All tasted great! The dough is exceptional and pizzas are not overloaded with ingredients – just right!

Dessert: We opted for the deep fried ‘doughnuts’ covered with nutella and nuts, and of course an espresso!

The Verdict:  I am still fascinated by this place – the décor, the menu, the cutlery, the service and obviously the food….truly feels like Italy.   I will definitely visit again !

I MONELLI Food Experience

63A Wilga Street, Paceville, Malta

Tel: +356 21360036 / 21370037

www.imonellifoodexperience.com (under construction)


  • sandro says:

    dear all , I was in this restaurant on Thursday lunch .Whilst you had enjoyed your pizza I was very disappointed with the food which was of a very low standard . They had advertised Bistecca Fiorentina so i checked with the italian speaking waiter and we made it clear it’s Fiorentina steak instead i was served a small size in diameter T-bone steak, my wife she ordered bistecca al pizzaiolo there was written sugo instead they used tomato with skin and NO Mozzarella .Pizzeria maybe ristorante Italiano Sorry NO

  • Geir says:

    I have been to this restaurant three times the last two months, and it has become my favourite alongside Emperor of India (albeit a completely different type of cuisine).

    Having lived in Malta for five years I know the island and restaurants very well, and can truly say that this is BY FAR the best pizza one can buy for money here. Get the Capricciosa and you’ll understand what I mean, the ingredients are superb! My wife opted for the calzone-like pizza (can’t remember the name), and she absolutely loved it. Waiting time for the food is very short, even when the restaurant is packed (it usually is).

    The only other place in Malta that does edible pizza is Margo’s in Mistra Bay, but you’ll need a car to get there (just before Mellieha coming from St. Julians), and we found out that it is only the Margherita that has both tomato sauce AND cheese. For me both are a must. Very few pizzas to select from, although quality of ingredients is high.

    Still, I Monelli is much better, this would be regarded as a very good restaurant even in Italy – In Malta it is purely in a class on its own. A restaurant that takes food seriously!

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