I Monelli Paceville – Second visit

In my opinion here they serve the best pizza on the island. The dough is exceptional and does not make you feel bloated after finishing off a whole pizza.  Pizzas are loaded with just the right amount of fresh and finest Italian ingredients.  It had to be I Monelli when my group of friends were looking into options to meet up for a pizza.

Date of Second Visit: 11/05/2010  for dinner

No of Victims: this time round I was a accompanied by another 9 friends

Verdict: Service was slow, and no smiles complemented the slow service.  There seemed to be a lack of staff that evening.  To be fair the restaurant was packed! The pizzas were not served altogether.  We waited forever to get the drinks, the wine and eventually the coffee. Oh and another thing do not expect an intimate table set up. The tables are laid out to make the best use of the space available. Nonetheless, the food and dessert were DIVINE.

Link to first post: https://globejunkie.com/restaurants/i-monelli-paceville/

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