Gozitan Restaurant, Paceville

I was the one to suggest Gozitan Restaurant to my dad, when he suggested we meet for dinner with his brother and wife who are here on holiday from the States.  I had never been before, but thought why not after hearing so many good comments! To be honest my expectations were quite high…..and so it happens to me, I always get a bit disappointed, when a big fuss is made through word of mouth.

Mind you — not that the food is bad but somehow I expected better.   I do not know what I expected actually.
The decor is typical Gozitan, actually I reckon little has been done to change from the previous restaurant.

Menu is written in Gozitan, ‘majjul mexwi‘, ‘qarnejt bit-tiewm’ (good one! ) and of course translated in English.   It is a vast

Gozitan rabbit

Gozitan rabbit

menu and includes all that is typical Maltese….or rather Gozitan!   The owner greeted us and mentioned a huge list of what is on the menu Chicken, Rib-Eye, Summien, Fenek, Haruf il-Forn, Braggoli, Majjal etc etc.
We all chose our pick for the main.

The concept of Gozitan, is very particular as the owner explained – you choose your main, wine and drinks and ………….the rest is on them !

The following plates were placed on our table from time to time to share and enjoy as starters whilst they prepared the main dishes: –

–     Maltese Bread which you can garnish with kunserva and / or dip
–     Deep fried Gozo cheese
–     Galletti with Gozo cheese, sundried tomatoes, fresh Gbejna, olives
–     Spaghetti with sea urchines
–     Ross il-Forn

Whereas as for dessert : –

Gozitan mqaret and ice-cream

Gozitan mqaret and ice-cream

–     Home made fig icecream
–     Mqaret
–     Helwa tat-tork

and to finish Gozitan Limoncell which they leave on your table to help yourself and take as much as you can handle !!

and all this for approximately EUR 25.00 each including wine and water.

Overall rating –  Good value for money
Very (very) generous portions
Establishment needs redecoration, better climate control and extraction from the kitchen

Gozitan restaurant, Paceville Street, St. Julian’s, Malta
Telephone: 2786 4626; Mob: 9986 4626


  • Pia Azzopardi says:

    hey, my friends took me to this place for my b day celebration lunch last weekend and ill surely recommend it to anyone I know. Friendly staff and most of all great value for money! I totally agree about the decor and feel the place does need a revamp…but otherwise..I left the place totally full…so much so i skipped dinner that evening.

  • sylvana says:

    first time to this place as recommended by friends..good food, very generous in portion – great value for money spent. last but not the least was the ice cream ‘gelat ghawdxi ta veru’!:) few restaurants in malta have this kind of delicacy 🙂

  • brian c says:

    yep – this place kicks – GOOD food… bit of a crap decor but oh well.. just dont go there on a first date i guess but leave it till when ur steady!! went with a m8 who knows the owner and we got a never ending range of local/gozo delicacies – decent portions and many different kinds of food! so yeah hell go and enjoy d food.. just dont sit outside though – not very nice with cars oozin exhaust drivin a metre past your gbejniet u bigilla!!

  • Renald says:

    I went to this Gozitan restaurant last Summer with 2 foreign friends. They wanted to have a taste of local traditional food and thats why we ended up there. We took a mixture of meat which contained chicken, rabbit and lamb. I mean the food was fine but the waiter was very misleading in his information. This thing was not actually on the menu but he (the waiter) had suggested it to us. Since we were 3 people in total and one was not hungry we asked for a meat mixture for 2 (bear in mind the waiter suggested it) he told us the price would be 18 euros. It ended up being 18 euros per person and not as he told us before. Anyhow apart from that the drink we’ve ordered were delivered to us upon asking the waiter again! Th restaurant was almost empty and I could not decipher why it took so long.

  • Renald says:

    So..cause I’m just thinking more about it. I came out feeling very sorry for taking my foreign friends to this restaurant. We ended up paying almost 60 euros (between 2) if you add ‘normal’ local wine. It was expensive for me…that Im maltese but it turned to be also expensive for them…So i do not agree with those who say that you get value for money. Im sure I won’t go again

  • M Spiteri says:

    I went at Valentine’s Day and it was all very nice. The food was excellent (very original) and the staff was very friendly. I will soon go again and already suggested it to my friends who really like traditional food.

  • micallef says:

    we went there yesterday the food was all good but the thing that we didn’t like was that the maltese platter is served on your table without asking and then they charge you EUR9.20 on your bill.

  • elvira says:

    gotiza restourant ,comida de aquella manera , precio calidad un poco engañoso , mucha picardia pides una cosa y sacan otra pero despues te la hacen pagar, la comida tampoco es muy buena, el servicio un poco anarquico , no hay organizacion y entre plato y plato te puedes morir , asi que antes de ir pensaroslo ¡¡¡¡¡¡ un poco cuchitrillo ………

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