Dine West Mgarr

Date of last visit: Wednesday 15th Feb 2012, for dinner

The Location:  Located in the corner, few metres from HSBC bank, exactly before you reach Mgarr Parish Church.

No of Victims: 4

The Damage: EUR 88

The atmosphere:  Everytime we passed by this restaurant over the weekend, it always looked full.   On this particular occasion it wasn’t – definitely due to the cold weather.   Obviously once inside it was much warmer, however the temperature was not as comfortable.

The Service:  Overall good.  No fuss.

The Menu: Well we visited Mgarr specifically to eat rabbit, so we knew what we were going to eat.   I still gave a peek to the menu.   For starters there was the option for bruschetta, mushrooms in garlic, snails and others.  Dine West also offers a selection of pasta and rice dishes, as well as pizza, burgers and meats, kids’ meals and of course typical Maltese dishes.   The wine list features wine from Malta as well as Italy, Spain, France, Lebanon and the New World. Prices are slightly pricey (average of EUR 12-14).

Our Food:  To start off with we shared bebbux (snails) and spaghetti with rabbit sauce.    Both dishes were to our satisfaction, especially the spaghetti even though there were no rabbit meat pieces in the sauce.   The bread was super fresh and crunchy.  It was irresistible not to dip in the sauces.    Then two bowls of rabbit followed.   Half was cooked in oil and garlic, and the other half in gravy…and of course chips garnished with plenty of roasted rosemary, oh and bread again !  To compliment our meal we shared a bottle of South African Cabarnet Sauvignon Shiraz.  One of the guests, who visits the restaurant regularly claimed their pizza is good too.   Globejunkie will check it out shortly.

The Verdict:  Everything  was fresh and genuine, service was good and the ambience was very laid back, however my favourite Fenkata place still remains Sunny Bar & Restaurant.


Address: Fisher Rpad, Mgarr, Malta

Phone: (356) 21434014




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