1640 Wine Room, Dingli

As the name rightly affirms this place on the whole is no bigger than an average sized room.   It is not difficult to locate once you reach Dingli – keep on the main road which leads to the Parish church.    One might get a bit confused, as the sign 1640 is not clear…so find the takeaway bearing the sign 1640 and park in the vicinity.   Walk inside the take away, and take the stairs on your right which leads to the wine bar.

Once up the stairs we found ourselves in a small room set with a long table of 12 and another table of 4, which roominteriorthen leads to the bar with another two tables and small toilet and then more steps which lead to the private room which

can accommodate a small-ish group of about 10 people. The latter is a cosy room, which has been sophisticatedly decorated with a long sofa, but which I reckon is not the ideal place if one is eating.

Regardless of the signs reading MIND YOUR HEAD…do mind your head when you exit or enter any of the rooms!

We settled in the first room.  It was quite chilly as cold air was coming from the main entrance, as well as the smell of food coming from the kitchen downstairs.  So to distract ourselves we admired the three wine paintings displayed in the room. The place was not busy except for another table near the bar.   Only one girl was there to take care of the



customers.   She handed us the wine list, food menu and appetizers list.    The choice of wine is minimal; the food menu offers a wide range of specialities including beef, rabbit, chicken, pork, pasta and pizza.  The appetizers list proposes dips, cheese platters, Chinese platter and the foccacia which we opted to share between two.    Once the wine was poured, we had to wait a good 30 minutes for the foccacia to be served, by which time we had already drank half the wine. Despite the wait we enjoyed the focaccia – superb, crusty pizza base topped with fresh tomatoes, olives, capers, plenty of herbs, and olive oil. Oh another thing — we had to ask for the olive oil, but then did not bother to ask for fresh pepper too…!

The meantime the nearby table was taken by a group of 12, so the room turned into chaos.   Given the size of the room, our table should have been omitted…but why not put more than the space can take?!!  Our bill came up to about EUR 20 – about EUR5 for the focaccia and about EUR15 for the Uruguayan wine.

Following my Friday night experience at 1640, a friend plus another 3 friends went the next evening.  She swears she will not go again.  She described the place as humid and cold and too small and crammed.   They were not happy with the service either – apparently they were served by an uninformed waiter.  Though, they did enjoy the foccacia and the pizza, which she claims were very good.


Tel: +35627011640


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