LA SBARRA Wine Bar & Brasserie, Valletta

La Sbarra is located on the 1st floor at the Embassy Complex in Valletta.

Its warm and modern environment attracted the five of us instantly!  It was actually challenging to miss out nibbling on the popcorn during the film we watched within the same complex…but that bit of deprivation was eventually rewarded!

The atmosphere here is casual with various flat screens located around the place.  The music was a bit too loud, not excessively

Tortelloni salsa napoletana

Tortelloni salsa napoletana

or maybe not appropriately suitable to complement the ambience.  We settled ourselves at the long table situated near the bar.   A transparent glass door divides the dining area into two – smokers and non-smokers.

There was plenty to choose from the menu:  various antipasti, chicken, beef, pizza, burgers, platters to share and pasta dishes, along with specialities of the day.   Indicated on the board were the Pappardelle al Ginghiale (wild boar) and Parmiggiana (layered aubergines with tomato sauce and cheese).

I am a big fan of pizza!!!…and there is something special about the pizza here…there is the option to have pizza ‘al metro’ (to

share between 2-3 persons), half pizza ‘al metro’, traditional round or mezza luna (half the round).   Also there is the possibility to vary up to three toppings on your chosen pizza base.   The toppings are unusual too. To mention two out of the selection are the Valtelinese pizza which consists of tomato base, mozzarella, bresaola and rucola and the Val D’Aosta with tomato base, mozzarella, speck and soft cheese.

Our treat for the evening consisted of the following:

Supli (small rice balls) to start off with, which were given to us gratis; a slice each of the mezza luna pizza – topping consisted of artichokes, eggs, pancetta, aubergines and mozzarella;  and to finish off we shared two types of pasta: spaghetti with seafood and

tortelloni a la napoletana (with fresh tomatoes and fresh basil sauce).

Spaghetti marinara

Spaghetti marinara

No fancy decoration of the plates but all tasted fantastic!

To complement our dishes we had a South Australian Shiraz.   The wine list focuses mainly on Italian and French wines.  In

fact the choice of New World Wines is a bit limited.

Bill for five people came up to around €50.00-€55.00, including water and coffees.

Upon checking the website, I also noticed the Kitchen Opening Hours.  Food is served food till 1am on Saturday and till midnight for the rest of the week, making it an ideal eating place after a movie.

Tel: (+356) 2123 2020