Ristorante Ferretti

For my partner’s dad’s birthday,  we decided to try out Ristorante Ferretti which is located in Qajjenza, Birzebbuga.

Some friends had suggested it as an ideal place for lunch.  The place was literally fascinating. The way they integrated the old battery built by the Knights to suit a restaurant, pizzeria and wine bar is just astonishing.  Cutlery and presentation of the table was unique and the chairs were perfectly adequate for an outside/terrace table.  Menu was well supplied with a wide variety to select from.  Same applies for the Wine list.

We ordered Beaujolais and Pinot Grigio.  Interestingly enough the latter was warm.  We decided to put some extra ice in the ice bucket and leave it to cool.  In the meantime we ordered the food, this was around 1.40pm.  Most of us took pasta as a starter and either fish or duck for the main, I ordered beef carpaccio and Grilled T-Bone. Bread was served on our table, which again was particularly unique — warm and fresh croissant shaped bread.

The starters arrived round 2.30pm, almost an hour later.   The restaurant was full but to wait an hour for some pasta and raw meat was a little too much.  To make things worse the starters were not served together. At least food was very good and again the design of the plates and the plates themselves was unique.

We waited another 15-20 minutes for the mains.   Regrettably the second bottle of Pinot Grigio we ordered was again at room temperature. The fish (Sargu) was brought in front of us and 2 waitresses started cleaning the fish and putting portions in the plates.   The fish was presented as a total mess with pieces scattered around literally as if thrown over each other.

My T-bone ended up being overcooked and I struggled a little to see if the inner section was pinkish.  I politely requested the waitress for another piece.  To my astonishment she came back after a few minutes later with the plate telling me that they will cook another piece but the meat was as it should be.  The thing that aggravated me the most was that the meat was undoubtedly tough and no sign of any blood and that the waitress caught the meat with her fingers to make her statement.  The rest of the dishes were perfectly fine. The new piece of T-Bone was satisfactory.

Dessert – being a birthday we had a chocolate mousse cake which was exceptionally good. Finally we were offered liquor on the house.

Overall rating:  Place is divine, service was not bad but could have been much much better;   perhaps more experienced staff would help a lot.    As for the food apart from my incident it was not that bad. Prices are moderate.  All in all I was not impressed but I might go another time just to see what happens, maybe try the pizza or something else.

Ferretti -Triq il-Qajjenza, Birzebbuga
Tel: 21650247